kids and children talent tryoutsIS YOUR CHILD A FUTURE SUPER STAR?

Many times parents have come up to me to enthusiastically promote their child’s accomplishments and talents. And many times they are absolutely correct in their probably biased assessment. But what are the successful qualities in a young performer?

First and maybe the most important is motivation. Who wants the career? You or your child. Looks are also vitally important for marketability. Something unique about them that makes them stand out in a crowd is always an asset. Even if its something not considered “attractive,” a physical distinction can be a money maker! Talent makes itself known and is a relative commodity.

Ask yourself if you have ever been asked by a distant family member you haven’t seen in ages if your daughter would sing at her wedding. Do community theatres call you to ask your son to audition, even if you are not a patron or supporter? Does your child’s dance teacher brag about his/her talent to others? The school play brings rave reviews. At church your child is always singing solos.

Another skill necessary is reading skills. An ability to read naturally with meaning and comprehension and deliver the lines with personality is not easy for the average child. Verbal skills will be evident if your child is a talker and very social. It also helps not to have any regional accent. Imagination is a huge asset. Making fantasies come to life by “pretending” should be easy and fun.

Another asset not always thought about is if your child is independent. Being calm and confident away from you and relating to strangers is vitally important. Can he or she speak for himself without you in the room?

And finally, does your child also have well rounded interests and a life outside of performing? This enables a performer to be fresh and natural instead of phony and over rehearsed. One of the biggest assets is an ability to take rejection. A performer’s job is to go on job interviews (auditions). Not being hired or landing a role is a huge emotional blow for anyone but especially for a child.

This list comes from almost every talent agent who works with children. Look for me to tell you how to raise a future superstar in the next blog!