I am so proud of Carleigh. She has found her passion in dance and theatre. She has made some awesome friends and friendship that will last a lifetime. At the after party today she was very emotional. She didn’t want it to end. She is so ready for dance to start back up. and is ready for boot camp again next year.  Lee you have been a blessing to us. You are so amazing in what you do. You have molded Carleigh into a great dancer. I see her picking up drama as well as dance. -Diane Lewis

“I appreciate your understanding, and Wow Dusty really enjoys you! I thought it might take him a bit to warm up to you, but nope, he loves doing time at the studio with you and he just beams afterwards. I’m so grateful that we found you, what you offer and the way you do it, is really working for him and his self confidence – the kid lives to perform and to please whomever is “in charge” of the performing :)” -Melissa

“Thank you so much for giving me the chance to get back on stage.  Playing Christine has been a dream come true.  Thank you for always  challenging me to be my best.  I love you so much and I am so grateful for ALL you have given me.” -Calen Cabler

“Wow! What an amazing show! I must say that of all of my years of doing this camp, this was by far my favorite show. What you are able to put together in only two weeks is amazing.” -Evie Jennings

“Lee is one of the best and most creative directors I have had the privilege of working with – no one can match her level of energy!” -Ellen M.

“I just can’t tell you how much we appreciate all that you do for our kids.  Evie had another wonderful experience and has grown so much in the last year through her work with you.  We are so pleased with her progress and increased confidence.  A huge thanks to YOU!” -Andrea

“Lee, my acting coach, should take some pride in her product. I have received lots of compliments on my abilities as an actor. Everyone seems to think I have 20 years experience when I’ve only been acting on film for about 14 months. Lee, you taught me more than you know, kid. I think I would make you proud now. I’m not George Clooney or Brad Pitt, but I have a grasp of what acting is about. Barely. I see the little problems that actors show when they are trying to be something other than what they are, (i.e. John Wayne was always John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart was always Jimmy Stewart) I am never going to be anything but me, and right now I keep getting cast as a killer, so maybe somebody knows something I don’t.  I’m loving it and I’m staying busy, was assistant director on the Mathis Bros. shoot the other day, loved it.  Loved bossing everyone around.”  -Gerald

“Ms. Lee, thank you for the fun camp this summer. Truett just wrapped shooting a webisode for Rooster Teeth Productions and he had a lot of confidence going in to that shoot because what he learned from you!” -Shaila Martin

“I went and auditioned for my 3rd movie and after doing the sides they gave me, they let me do a monologue I wrote and they cast me! After I left the room I heard one of them say “That was awesome” and the other said “He got a little intimidating!” I auditioned to be a drug dealer because I liked the part but they cast me as the assassin. Plain spoken guy, well dressed, you never see him coming. Love it! It’s a low budget, independent film being shot in Tulsa, but still!!!!! Whoo!!! Here’s hoping they find a distributor!!!! One of them with a production company asked me if I would be willing to work on a short film he is planning and of course I said yes. Yay! And thank you so much for all you taught me.” -Gerry Nelson

“Lee, your performance on Sunday at the VFW was awesome! Your choice of music was ‘right on.’ and it brought tears to my eyes.” -Madelyn

“Lee, You should be very proud because your kids were great! They could easily compete with any of the talent I have worked with in the past, be it in here in Dallas, L.A. New York, etc… .Thanks Again.”   -Loren (B.I. Agency)

“We have been absolutely astounded by the quality of your productions for years, and we were thrilled to hear that you would be in San Marcos this year. Logan loved his experiences at camp, and we feel that he learned so much in such a short time–amazing. And of course the production was professional quality. We are proud that he was part of the show, and we are grateful to you for all your hard work and expert teaching/guidance for the kids. You are a gift not only to the children, but also to the arts in this region.” -Corinne D.

“Our lives are forever changed because we met you!  Thanks!”  -Kathy P.

“You are an amazing director!  You really made the show awesome and turned us all into great actors!”  -Miranda P.

“Lee, what can I say?  You’re just phenomenal! You are an inspiration to me.  You made me break out of my shell!  I love you!”  -Jennifer Griffin

“Evie was so excited after her audition!  She received GREAT feedback, and is the only girl her age that was asked to callbacks for the part of Mary!  The other girls that have been asked back are age 10, but the director was so impressed with her song and monologue delivery that she asked her back. So many thanks to you for being such an outstanding teacher and mentor for her. Very much appreciated!”

“Over the years I have worked with Lee Coleé as a performer, and a director,and I have also been directed by her. During that time I have found her to be highly professional, enormously talented, and incredibly energetic. She does her homework and comes prepared. She strives for excellence in herself and expects it from those she works with. She knows how to pull performances from novices, professionals, adults and children alike. Lee has a tremendous imagination and is extremely ambitious. Pound for pound, she is a dynamo and offers a great bang for the buck! I count her as a personal friend and as an esteemed professional colleague.”  -LeRoy N.

“Lee prepares you completely for whatever performance is coming up. After spending time with her you feel totally confident when you walk out on that stage.”  -Carla D.

“Hello Lee! I just wanted to thank you for all your help and coaching in Anything Goes. I learned more about acting singing and dancing in 3 weeks than I’ve learned in all the other things I’ve done combined. I really appreciate all you taught me and I had a lot of fun this summer. I will be working on improving everything this year and beyond and I am grateful to be able to learn from such a great talent as you.”   -Jake W.

“Lee Coleé is my mentor. I started out in 2003 as one of her voice students. From there I blossomed. I performed in several of her stage plays, musicals, and recitals. Under her direction I designed and built sets, went to the tech booth and ran sound and lights, and moved back stage to become a stage manager. I even emceed several of her performances. Even though I moved on to concentrate more on film, voice over, and comedy I still constantly come back to Lee for support and advice and she is always there for me.”  -John D.

“Lee Coleé began giving me Tap lessons in November of 2009. I didn’t know, at all, how to tap dance and because of my weight, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to participate in the class. Even if I could, I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to participate. Our first class was overwhelming because I was so out of shape but she told me to persevere and it would get easier. She was right! I thoroughly enjoy her classes and spontaneity. The lessons are never boring! Lee never lets you get complacent and always challenges you to be better than you are. As a result, I have lost 43 pounds! I am much healthier and feel so much better about myself! Lee is a wonderful teacher! I love her Tap classes and look forward to going each week. ”   -Beth Y.

“Lee Coleé gave me the most important quality you need to be a performer – confidence. She was able to take a shy young boy and turn him into a confident entertainer. Lee has a gift for finding the potential in her students and pulling it out of them (no matter how difficult it may be). Along with her incredible staff, she trains her students how to be strong, quick-thinking performers. Since my days in her studios she’s added dance instruction to her curriculum of voice and acting. Without Lee I can honestly say I would not be where I am today. I was a shy child and never had many friends, so I obviously wouldn’t be caught dead singing in front of people. If you’re looking to get into entertainment, I highly recommend Lee Coleé Studios. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that I’ll never forget, and I promise you won’t either.”  -Coy B.

“Hi Lee!  Just wanted to update you on Sam.  He auditioned for and was accepted into Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan for his senior year of high school.  This is such an incredible opportunity for him!  He has finished most of his academics for graduation, so his studies will be primarily in music and vocal development, as well as stage experience. He will be surrounded by faculty and students alike who all have the same goal of being and teaching the worlds best artists.  He will also have a year as a boarding student with set schedules to help teach how to succeed at the college level. I want to thank you for being a part of Sam’s accomplishments.  You showed him what professionalism is and how to work hard to put on the best show/performance possible. Who would have thought it that first time he sang for you.”  -Fran