Another year is ending and a new one about to start!  As performers, we look forward to new goals and self improvement to nail our dream role, land that scholarship or simply find a new class to take our skills to the next level.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2019?  I’ve made a list of basic “Never Evers” that I periodically give out to my students and I want to share them with you as my way of saying Happy New Year .  Hope to see many of you at summer music theatre boot camp auditions and in class!

The “Never-Evers!!!”

For the new performer!

Never ever:    Be late to rehearsal/performance.  Sign in 15 minutes before call time.

Talk during rehearsals or leave without being excused.

Forget your script and pencil for noting all blocking.

Come to rehearsal not knowing your lines, music, stage blocking.

Tell another performer what to do or try to coach from the sidelines.

Tease or criticize another performer’s work.

Be afraid to ask questions but know when to do so!



Let the director hear you complain or gritch.  No negative energy!

Make excuses for not being at your best.  Better to bluff and go on.

Be excessively needy for reassurance of doing a good job.  Just do it.

Argue with the director during rehearsal.  Save issues for breaks.

Remember that you are important to the show no matter your role!

Forget to pre-check your costumes/props before you start work.

Talk backstage during a show!

Let the audience see you in costume before curtain or intermission.

Forget to give your very best no matter how few are in the audience.

Forget to replace props, costumes and cleanup after work is done.

Forget to treat the crew with respect and admiration.

Forget to BREAK A LEG!