It is a general suggestion to “sing what you love!”  However, for both acting and

music theatre auditions performers will get noticed for all the right reasons as well

as for all the wrong ones.  Err on the side of success!  This comes from knowing who

you truly are!  What are your technical strengths and weaknesses?  What do you look like?

How old are you?   How tall are you and what race or ethnicity can you

reasonably be marketed as?  Are you naturally introverted or flamboyant?  Low or

high energy?  Where do you fit in ; ingénue, character actor, child, villain, etc.?

What kind of personal experiences have you had in your life that make you who

you are?


To nail the job or that spot in a college music theatre and drama department you

must really do an inventory on YOU, the product you are selling.  This will then

steer you to monologues from film, theatre and songs that can effectively showcase

your skills and talents.  Performance and technique classes simply even the playing

field with your competitors.  You have to take it from there to make your performance ring true.

An 18 year old should not sing songs or perform monologues that are written for 35

and above.  (Think songs from Chicago).


Children should sing songs and memorize scripts that are written for their age

and experience range.  Teens should find an abundance of material for ingénues

and quirky youthful character roles.  The same goes for older performers.  Do not

use material that is too young for you.


The internet is fabulous for finding the right song and script that will fit you like

a glove.  Think of a character you’ve seen in a film, or in a musical or play and ask

yourself, “Would I be convincing in that role?  Could I do it even better?”

Then find that material and go out and do it!

Break a leg!