Join the professional vocal team at Lee Coleé Studios in Wimberley, TX.  Private lessons and group workshops are available. Building a strong vocal techique based on classical fundamentals, students discover their individual sound. Great vocalists and performers also develop the well rounded skills to sing all genres of music as they strive for artistic excellence in song styling, phrasing, emotional delivery and stage presence.

From opera to the Great American Songbook students are encouraged to explore the greatest music ever written while being encouraged to perform regularly as a part of their training, making the stage their second home!

Each semester a student recital is given where each student who is considered ready and prepared will sing two songs in a professional setting. The theme of these recitals will vary according to the genre of music studied that semester. Students are given opportunities at many of these recitals to sing with live professional musicians.

Become a great vocal performer today!

For an appointment contact us via EMAIL or call 512-847-7934.


Tuition Rates – Paid in four monthly installments Private students are accepted after a preliminary interview.

Photo credit: Petesie Lee